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Acknowledging influences is a practice shared across cultures.
Academic culture fosters respect for the
intellectual contributions of others through referencing.

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On©ite Reporter

Too close for comfort – collaboration or cheating?

How close is too close? was the question posed by our On©ite Reporter, following a recent high profile disciplinary case at the University. Students are often encouraged, or required, to work together for coursework assignments but the point at which 'collaboration' becomes 'cheating' is often poorly understood by students. Obviously, the submission of identical assignments is not acceptable but ...

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Doctor ©ite

Dear Doctor ©ite,
I understand that referencing my sources is very important but I'm not sure why there are different styles. What's the difference between APA and MLA?

Unsure from Upton

Dear Unsure,
There isn't really a quick answer to that question. I ...

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Q: Can you use sentences from a text book, without acknowledgement, in a slide presentation you're showing in class?
A. No, the presentation should be based on your work only.
B. Yes, you don't need to acknowledge your sources for slide presentations.
C. No, you must acknowledge your sources even for slide presentations.
D. Yes, once the information is published it doesn't need to be acknowledged.