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Knowledge is built one small piece at a time. We know more today than we did 100 years ago because we have extended and built upon existing knowledge and ideas over that time.

Picture of a man standing at the top of a pile of books, scrolls, CDs, cassettes etc.

A very simple model to illustrate this concept of building knowledge is this pyramid. Each item represents an idea or piece of knowledge that an individual or group has contributed. When you research for your academic work you are drawing on other people's ideas. It is academic practice to acknowledge their contributions by referencing their ideas when you use them in your work.

Referencing is important at university. There are specific policies and guidelines that you need to follow and be familiar with.

To find out more about referencing your sources in your academic work, either click the red symbol at the bottom of each page to be guided, or find your own way around using the links to the right.

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