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About Referen©ite

Referen©ite is The University of Auckland's official academic referencing resource. Its main purpose is to encourage students to correctly reference the sources they use in written work. To do this Referen©ite:

  • Promotes the meaningfulness of referencing practice: it is not mere institutional compliance - the values at the core of the practice are shared across cultures;
  • Provides tools and information to make the correct referencing of sources significantly easier - to virtually eliminate any excuse that it is too difficult or confusing;
  • Provides access to referencing information delivered in an engaging, efficient and student-centred format via a single simple url (; through the site's own content and also by acting as a central 'hub' for excellent online referencing resources.

We welcome your views and comments via the 'send feedback' link at the bottom of the page. We also invite you to place a link to this resource on your own website.

Referen©ite was created by Jenny Marshall (Online Resource Coordinator for the Student Learning Centre) from an original idea conceived by Emmanuel Manalo (Head of the Student Learning Centre). Referen©ite was launched early in 2007 and in December that year received the inaugural 'Award for Outstanding Academic Integrity Resource' at the Asia-Pacific Conference on Academic Integrity.

Subsequently Referen©ite was adopted as The University of Auckland's main referencing resource. At this point the website was further developed by a team comprising: Craig Housley, Wen-Chen Hol, Lorraine Nielsen, Doug Carrie, Tony Chung, Emmanuel Manalo, Jenny Marshall, Lynne Mitchell, and Megan Sutton. The website team also acknowledges the invaluable assistance of: Jenny Buxton, Fiona Gregory, Andrew Lavery, Chris Peck, Louis Ranjard, Sophie Reissner-Roubicek, Victoria Trembath, Glenis Wong-Toi, Sarah Wright and the many users who sent us their suggestions.

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