APA - similar information from multiple works

In-text citation

When information or ideas are sourced from two or more works, the citations are listed alphabetically by the first author's surname, within the same brackets.

Where there is more than one author, separate the names by a semi-colon.
  • Current research (Brown, 2003; Jones, 2004; Smith, 2004) suggests that ...

If they are by the same author, name the author only once and list the publication dates chronologically.

  • ... according to current research (Smith & Brown, 2009, 2012).

If they are by the same author and publication date, the author's names should appear only once and the works are identified by the publication dates and suffix a, b, c etc.

  • According to the literature (Smith & Brown, 2012a, 2012b), the current focus is ...
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